Gorilla in the Midst - Auditing to add value

Effective auditors don't miss the gorilla

This excellent video resource is for new and experienced auditors. It shows why auditors need to have a broad view of the business they are auditing.


Gorilla in the Midst - is used by hundreds of organisations world wide including:

Coca Cola • Glaxo Smithkline • Astra Zenica • BM Trada • BAE Systems • Atomic Weapons Establishment and many more in all industry sectors.


Customer review

We used this video to supplement formal auditor training. It provided a means of relaying to the forum something quite difficult to teach without such an aid. It demonstrated very clearly the desirable behavioural traits that are both necessary and essential.
Kevin T Tuke, Total Quality Manager, George Barker and Company Ltd

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Sample study guide


Key points

Harvard university studies have shown that people can miss significant visual events when their attention is narrowly focussed. This video shows an auditor's performance is dependent on:
  • Personal traits - having an insight into personality, desirable traits and dark side traits.
  • Power - which stems from business knowledge and experience.
  • Influence - the ability to build relationships and the skills to rationally persuade and influence managers.
  • The audit process - how to plan and structure an audit.

Training package includes:

  • DVD - 27 minutes
  • Study guide on CD
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Languages - DVD also available in Chinese, Spanish and Dutch
Original Gorilla Study
Note: The original study and video involving the failure to see a person in a gorilla suit were created by professor Daniel J. Simons. The video of the original study is referenced here with professor Simons' express permission. For more information about the study please visit www.viscog.becman.uiuc.edu/djs_lab


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