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A powerful training resource on Risk Management - How to get cut through

By taking a risk-based approach, an organization becomes proactive rather than reactive.

The focus moves to preventing or reducing undesired effects and promoting continual improvement.

To succeed, risk-based thinking needs to become part of your organization's culture. When your teams are discussing or designing a process, they should be identifying, analysing and assessing the risks.

So, you need to get all your employees trained on risk-based thinking so that it becomes ‘the way we do things around here’.

The video Risk Maker Risk Taker - A Manager's Guide to Risk can help you acheive this.

Get cut through in your risk training 

Give managers the 7 essential steps to manage risk 

Show managers the cracks that can occur in the risk process

7 real case study events to stimulate discussion


Video Trailer

Have a look at the 3 minute video trailer Risk Maker Risk Taker - A Manager's Guide to Risk.





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Training package includes DVD and CD

  1. Facilitator's Guide and Workbook 
  2. PowerPoint presentation
  3. Easily incorporated into any facilitated training or self study program
  4. Languages - English Portuguese and Spanish   


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